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No numbness


Osteocentral anesthesia is an intraosseous anesthesia with an injection extremely close to the apices.

By placing the anesthetic product in the centre of the cancellous bone, we obtain effectiveness far superior to any other anesthesia technique.

The quantity injected determines the number of teeth anesthetized, the duration and the power of the anesthesia.

Performed with QuickSleeper, this technique is extremely simple, painless and the benefits can be observed immediately.



Maximum efficiency on mandibular molars
The anesthesia is immediate, without failure and without numbness, even for molars with pulpitis.


More comfort for your patients

  • Anesthesias are painless and without numbness.

  • No additional lingual or palatal injections, even for an extraction.

  • No post-operative side effects (PDL pain, necrosis,…).

More comfort for you
Work stress-free, without muscular effort, without twisting needles or injection leaks. Just one injection anesthetizes up to 6 teeth.

Adapted to children
Perform painless anesthesias with no risk of lip-biting.

More profitable

  • No waiting, no numbness, work on various sectors in the same appointment.

  • Reduce the technical and consumable costs.

  • Reduce the number of appointments.

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  • An electronically controlled injection for maximum comfort.

  • 3 injection modes (Slow, Fast, Intraosseous) to perform all types of anesthesia in the best conditions.

  • The rotation of the needle enables easy penetration of the cortical plate to simply and quickly access osteocentral anesthesia and all of its advantages.

  • The handpiece is manipulated like a pen to perfectly master needle movement. The controls are operated through a wireless, batteryless, foot pedal for maximum precision and control.

  • DHT Needles with their specific patented bevel ensure painless ​anesthesia of the attached gum and easy cortical perforation.

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QuickSleeper is an electronic pen that brings more efficiency and more comfort to all your anesthesias…


Your anesthesias work first time, you use less needles, you save time and
limit the number of appointments.


QuickSleeper is a major asset in the
serenity and profitability of your practice.

Dr. Jackie Lopez describes her experience after 2 years of using the Quicksleeper

Other Testimonials

"The Quicksleeper has completely changed the way I think about anesthesia, and patients all wonder if I really froze them because they did not feel anything, plus it's a great marketing tool because no one likes to be anesthetized!" (Translated from French)

Dr. Rachel Carrier is a Quicksleeper user since 2016 for 100% of her anesthesia cases.

Dr. Rachel Carrier
Laprairie, QC

"This tool is a life changer! I like to call it my 'Magic wand.' I believe every dentist should have it in the office. Kids love it and it doesn’t look like a syringe which decreases patient anxiety. It works instantly, even for a 'hot tooth', and multiple restorations all in one appointment."

Dr. Dana Marcarian is a Quicksleeper user since February 2018.

Dr. Dana Marcarian
Waterdown, ON

"I have been using the Quicksleeper for 8 months and I use it exclusively for all my dental procedures. I love the reaction I get from patients as they are surprised not to feel anything during the delivery of the local anesthetic. I also obviously love the Quicksleeper as I get anesthesia predictably 100% of the time."

Dr. Jaideep Lal is a Quicksleeper user since March 2018.

Dr. Jaideep Lal
Orleans, ON

"It changes the visit of the patient but it also changes the life of the dentist.   It's so much more comfortable and functional for everyone.

  • Noo waiting for the patient and the dentist

  • Fewer visits because you anesthesia and you start

  • The patient is ready to return to work immediately without the feeling of being anesthetized"

(Translated from French)

Dr. Claudette Dion
Quebec City, QC


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